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Violent sisters spat at police

The 2 sisters became violent with police after being approached while being loud and abusive outside during lockdown.

Danielle and Sarah Pryor were spotted misbehaving by officers while on patrol in Retford, Nottinghamshire at around 11.30pm on Monday evening. The policemen stopped and warned them about their behaviour and told them to go home. However the sisters then became aggressive, egging each other on to cough and spit at the officers before Sarah, 33, was arrested. Danielle, 34, then grabbed a crutch from a passer by and hit one officer in the shins with it before scratching his face with her fingernails. More officers were called as backup at this point before Danielle repeatedly spat at them as they wrestled her into a police car.

Both women admitted to 2 assaults on emergency workers and breaching lockdown regulations at Nottingham magistrates court on Wednesday.

Danielle was jailed for 26 weeks and Sarah 14 weeks. Speaking of the incident Chief Superintendent Rob Griffin said “assaults of this kind are completely unacceptable”.

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