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Visit Britain Boss Supports “Air Bridges” Idea

Visit Britain chief Patricia Yates has backed the idea of creating “air bridges” alongside countries with low coronavirus rates.

Yates told MP’s of her support for the bridges during a meeting with the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.

She also said that the United States may be interested in such a proposal.

Additionally there are potential similar agreements with France, Germany and Italy, Yates added.

Air Bridges Would Relax Quarantine Rule

The air bridges would permit travel between the UK and other nations, without passengers spending 14 days in quarantine.

The 14 day rule was first mentioned during Boris Johnson’s national address on 10 May.

Details are still being finalised, before the two week isolation period comes into effect.

Initially it was thought that anyone arriving from France would be exempt from quarantine.

Yet it is thought that the government has now scrapped that plan.

Shapps Suggests Possible Exemptions

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has suggested that there could be exemptions from the quarantine rule.

And has even mentioned that the possibility of air bridges could become a reality.

UK Airlines Against Quarantine Ruling

Industry association UK Airlines has often voiced its opinion against the imposition of quarantine laws.

It wrote a letter with 28 signatories criticising the policy.

The letter cited that people will not choose to travel to the UK.

At a time when other European countries are opening up.

This would create a clear comparative economic disadvantage for UK airlines.

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