Who is exempt from 14 day quarantine on arrival into the UK?
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Who is exempt from 14 day quarantine on arrival into the UK?

After the UK government took to live television to announce travellers into the UK must self-isolate or face fines and imprisonment we look at who is and isn’t exempt from the rules.

People from France were told last week they wouldn’t have to self-isolate, however, in a complete U-turn by the UK government, people from France MUST quarantine.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary for the Tory government, said she spoke to her French counterpart on numerous occasions this week however, there are to be limited exemptions.

Exemptions will be for road hauliers/lorry drivers from the continent.

Medical officials who are fighting the coronavirus will also be exempt such as officials and doctors from international countries working with the UK government.

The common travel area with Ireland will remain unaffected meaning Irish passport holders, aswell as British passport holders, can come and go between the two countries without quarantine restriction.

The UK Foreign Office has warned that people must be aware that the UK may restrict travel and close their borders without notice if the outbreak worsens.

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