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World News Bites: Famous street singer Lily Lian dies at 103

France – Famous street singer Lily Lian dies at 103

Lily Lian, considered the last street singer in Paris, has died at the Ivry hospital on Sunday aged 103. Her death was announced by her godson Michael Gautier. “Lily Paname” had been one of her recorded successes in the 1950’s and 60’s. She was born on the 1st of May 1917 and started singing about her childhood before becoming a recognised singer in her thirties.

France – Carers draft manifesto and letter to Macron

Medical heath professionals have drafted a “Carer’s Manifesto” urging the government for social reforms in the medical sector ahead of the “Segur de la Sante” consultations. Issues highlighted include upgrading of careers for carers, reform of health insurance and revamping of medical studies amongst others. They also propose universal access to care by ending social and territorial inequalities.

Germany – Church hosts Friday prayers for Muslims in Berlin

In an amazing show of solidarity, the Martha Lutheran church in Berlin hosted Friday prayers to help out a nearby mosque with social distancing measures. The Mosque could only hold 50 people while following social distancing rules of maintaining 5ft distance from each other. The Imam and pastor are happy to witness the solidarity among differing communities.

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