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World News Bites: Italian doctors find link between COVID-19 and inflammatory disorder

Doctors in Italy have reported the first clear evidence of a link between COVID-19 and a severe but rare inflammatory disorder that has required some children to undergo life saving treatment in intensive care units. The mysterious condition emerged last month when NHS bosses issued an alert to doctors after hospitals admitted several children with an inflammatory disorder known as Kawasaki.

Pyrenees-Atlantiques reinforce border control after influx to Spanish shops

Border controls with Spain tightened up after authorities noted that, since the end of the containment, an influx of French motorists in the Spanish “Ventas”, where alcohol and tobacco are cheaper. Border police reported seeing long queues of cars from France.

Corona deaths worldwide near the 300,000 mark

The number of lives lost worldwide in the corona virus pandemic is nearing 300,000, according to Johns Hopkins University figures, with 297,220 deaths reported. There are 4,348,246 confirmed infections. The actual figure is likely to be significantly higher as a result of under reporting or differing definitions of what constitutes death from corona virus.

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