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World News Bites – Nissan to close Barcelona plant

PP and Vox defend protests in Madrid while Podemos attacks it

PP and Vox have come out in clear defense of the protestors of Salamanca, Madrid. They have announced that an alarm doesn’t prevent the right to demonstrate. Podemos has called it an act of upper class minority which is putting everyone at risk. The Mayor, Jose Almeida, has added that as long as the regulations for the state of alarm are complied with, everyone can speak freely.

Nissan to close Barcelona plant and move production to Renault

Nissan are to close the Barcelona Free Trade Zone plant and move it’s production to Renault factories in France and ‘other places’, the Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported. The possible closure of the Catalan plant is part of the restructuring plan that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing. It plans to cut 2.6 billion euros a year in fixed costs in the face of falling sales and declining profits.

France to impose 14 day quarantine on travelers from Spain

France have announced that it will quarantine all travellers coming from Spain for 14 days. The measure would be in reciprocity for the measure adopted by the Spanish government with all travellers coming from abroad. The provision will be in force at the same time as in Spain, from tomorrow until the end of the confinement.

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