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130 people evicted from a party at the Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza, Spain

Attendees danced without masks or meeting the safety distance. The owner argues that it was a private celebration

Dancing without masks and without social distancing. This is how more than a hundred people attended a private party at the Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza when it was evicted by the Guardia Civil and the Policia Local in Sant Antoni, early this Sunday. Amnesia is one of the best internationally known nightclubs on the island, and has a capacity for around 5,000 people. Balearic discotheques and nightclubs with capacity for more than 300 people are closed by order of the islands’ government.

At around seven in the morning, residents of the Sant Antoni area residing in the vicinity of the nightclub notified the local police that a party was taking place and the high volume of music was causing them aggravation. Members of the municipal police and the Guardia Civil arrived, and when they entered the disco, they found 130 people dancing on the dance floor, without masks and without complying with the distance regulations, according to sources. Agents began to vacate the place, which has outdoor terraces as well a covered part.

The agents filed a complaint against the owner of the premises for failing to comply with the regulations in the ‘new normal’ decree and the prohibition included in the Balearic Government’s protocol of measures for the new conditions of coexistence, which restricts the opening of discotheques, nightclubs and party rooms with a capacity of more than 300 people. The owner of the club alleged to the agents that it was a private party and that it was not open to the general public.

The regulations approved by the Executive of the Balearic Islands establish that they can only open discotheques and rooms with capacities of less than 300 people, which only have until ten at night to offer bar service and can only be open until two in the morning. These types of premises are prohibited from opening in the areas of Magaluf and Playa de Palma in Mallorca, and the Western End of Sant Antoni in Ibiza.

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