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87 per cent of working parents in the UK want to stick to the ‘new normal’

It has been shown that people would rather carry on with their family-friendly work environments

The lockdown has given many people a chance to try new ways of balancing their personal lives with their work lives, and now they have seen that there needs to be some change. Most people would prefer to spend a maximum of three days at their work establishment.

No one really knows what the future holds after the pandemic, but people have learnt from this, that time at home is very important. Many have realised just how much of their work can, in fact be done remotely. The lockdown gave people time to readjust their ways of working and thinking, and start using online tools like Zoom for example, to make themselves more flexible.

In general, although people are looking for a more flexible working life, they aren’t particularly requesting shorter working hours. They believe that flexibility would make them more productive as well as improve loyalty.

One thing that has been hard for people to juggle during the pandemic, however, is the difficulty of those trying to both work from home as well as home school. Many have found it difficult to find the time to be productive, whilst trying to assist in lessons, as well as feeding, and other care of the children.

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