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A ‘Major Incident’ declared after thousands rush down to beaches in Southern England

As the record for the highest temperature of the year so far is beaten again, places like Sandbanks and Bournemouth have been heavily hit with crowds.

Regardless of warnings to avoid such areas, illegal parking and gridlocks were reported, as sunbathers headed down to the coastal areas

The local council leader was apparently appalled by people’s shocking behaviour which lead to services really being stretched in order to keep people safe. For this reason, they decided to declare a major incident and initiate an emergency response.

Britain is only just easing out of lockdown regulations, where groups of ‘up to six’ may meet up outside. Yet, the council has handed out record numbers of parking fines, rubbish collectors have faced abuse, and there have been several incidents of intoxication and fighting.

Because of this, extra police patrols will be added, as well as security for the rubbish collectors and stricter parking enforcement. People were even found camping illegally!

Some areas of the UK are preparing for more easing of lockdown restrictions on July 4, although flouters may be putting this at risk with their behaviour…

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