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Bilbao opens up four parks as ‘green beaches’ for this summer

The plots are to create 850 spaces of about five square meters each to facilitate summer outdoor leisure.

The Bilbao City Council has begun to prepare four ‘green beaches’ in as many parks in the city. The initiative consists of dividing these parks and installing showers in them so that residents can have spaces where they can compensate for the limitations on capacity in swimming pools, during the summer period.

It has been proposed to enable new spaces for recreation in the urban environment of Bilbao, ensuring shady areas and water supply that in turn allow maintaining the necessary social distance, in order to offer healthy leisure alternatives outdoors in the coming months and while it is necessary to maintain distance measures.

Four spaces will be enabled, two that already existed, on the slopes of Monte Arraiz and in Iturrigorri-Peñascal, and are now going to be recovered and done up, and two other new spaces, one in Etxebarria Park and another in Ibaieder, in La Peña. The works to condition these spaces have already begun.

The councillor of EH Bildu Alba Fatuarte stressed that the implementation of this proposal “will be positive for citizens in a rather unusual summer, with pools and beaches with reduced capacity and an increase in the number of people in parks and areas green because many bilbotas will not be able to go on vacation due to the economic consequences of the pandemic. “

EH Bildu has raised the need to offer alternatives, and to enable “spaces for recreation, green areas, close to home, where at any given time you can place an umbrella and cool off with water, and of course, to facilitate maintaining physical distance measures.”

It has been said that it is time to prioritize investments aimed at caring for people. Thanks to the agreement, according to the councillor of EH Bildu, “we will enjoy a more pleasant and liveable city this summer”. “Those of us who live in the city want quality public spaces, spacious, healthy and close to home. Today’s agreement is a small step, but we will need many others to manage the effects of the pandemic and, should they recur in the future, to face them in much better conditions,” he concluded.

It has also been proposed to temporarily open or speed up the opening of spaces such as parks that are about to end, among which he has cited the Zarandoa promenade or the Arangoiti Park.

Gabriel Rodrigo has criticized the carrying out of an already agreed proposal, at the same time that he has raised his doubts about how the gauging will be controlled.

The Councilor for Services and Quality of Life has announced that more than 850 solarium plots and 26 showers will be enabled on our green beaches for the enjoyment of the residents of Bilbao, “guaranteeing the essential physical distance conditions in the situation current that we are suffering.”

Odriozola recalled that, “Bilbao has had a recreation area on Mount Arraiz of more than 340,000 m2 for more than a decade, with a green beach for sunbathing, 4 children’s areas, more than a hundred tables and showers in summer “. This extension, he has indicated, will allow enabling between 400 and 450 rectangular ones of 5 m2 of solarium each, maintaining a distance between plots of 2 meters. Showers and fountains have also been installed and, this Saturday, “the beach of Mount Arraiz will be enabled ”

As for the Iturri-Peñascal area, on the so-called green beach of the San Antonio park, it is expected to be able to mark around 110 circular plots, 4 meters in diameter. In the Etxebarria park, in turn, a green beach area will be enabled with 8,038 m2 with 232 circular plots of 4 meters in diameter, while in Ibaieder 10,532 m2 will be allocated to condition a green beach area, with 120 circular plots of 4 meters in diameter.

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