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Cambridge council approves £1 billion Huawei facility as it faces uncertain UK future

On Thursday Huawei (Chinese telecom company) received approval to build a research facility in the United Kingdom.

This comes as the telecom company is being scrutinized for their involvement in the country’s 5G networks. The UK has been reviewing the security of the company just months after Boris Johnson shrugged off US grievances and granted Huawei a limited role in building up the UK’s next generation of high-speed interconnected 5G wireless networks.

The new nine-acre facility is to become the international headquarters for Huawei’s fibre optic business and would create around 400 jobs.

Europe may have wanted to break away from China after the pandemic, but they are not really able. Johnson had previously announced a 35 per cent cap on Huawei’s involvement in Britain’s 5G network, but he is under pressure to ban Huawei wholly since some argue that the Chinese government could use Huawei for its own efforts, such as spying. Under Chinese law, Chinese companies can be ordered to act under the direction of Beijing.

Future decisions may depend on the UK’s relationship with The US, as the two areas figure out a post-Brexit trade deal

In a statement, the Huawei Vice President proclaimed what the new campus would do for the UK economy, saying it wants “to help enshrine the UK’s leading position in optoelectronics and promote UK tech on a global scale.”

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