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Covid-19: Tanzania President John Magufuli declares African country free of coronavirus

President John Magufuli claims his country of Tanzania is now free of all Covid-19 cases through the ‘grace of God’.

The President was speaking at a church in the capital city of Dodoma on Sunday where he attributed the defeat of coronavirus to the prayer’s of citizens, the local health officials and the hard work of healthcare staff.

“It gives me joy to be the leader of a country that puts God first, God loves Tanzania,” Magufuli told a Catholic congregation in the capital Dodoma.

“The works of the devil will always be defeated in Tanzania because Tanzanians love God and that is why even the corona has been defeated by God.”

Two weeks ago we reported that Tanzania only had 4 cases of coronavirus left in hospitals in major city Dar es Salaam.

Tanzanians on social media have applauded their president for “defeating COVID-19,” saying that this will open up the economy, leading to more jobs and business opportunities for the people of Tanzania.

But the World Health Organization has said that Tanzania is not releasing any data to them regarding corona cases and feel that there are still health concerns and increased risk of spread.

The WHO have also been critical of Tanzania not sticking to social distancing measures which they advised to the world governments to use.

They have also been critical of Tanzania keeping places of worship open.

Tanzania has not released any data on coronavirus cases since April 29. At the last count, there were 509 reported cases and 21 deaths in Tanzania, according to the World Health Organization.

The Americans at the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam has warned that lack of data means people can be carriers and be spreading infection in the bustling metropolis.

Kenya closed its borders with Tanzania and Somalia due to rising cases of imported COVID-19 cases.

President Magufuli dismissed the seriousness of coronavirus in Tanzania, urging his citizens to “pray coronavirus away,” believing the “satanic virus can’t live in the body of Jesus Christ.”

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