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France’s second stage deconfinement period starts today with borders reopening this month

France – there are a number of regulatory changes happening this month as the government move parts of the country into phase two from today. 

In an address by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Thursday, he announced phase two of deconfinement in France, with restrictions easing on  shops, parks, public spaces, cafés and restaurants and also travel.

Phase two which starts today is expected to last until June 21st at the minimum.

In the ‘green zones’ from today: Beaches, parks, gardens, lakes, gyms, swimming pools, museums, and monuments to reopen in green zones.

Theatres, concert halls and sports halls to reopen in green zones.

Hotels, B&Bs, campsites, and gîtes in green zones allowed to reopen.

However, all venues must maintain a 1 metre gap between tables. Waitresses and waiters and other staff will wear masks and groups will be limited to 10 people.

Customers will have to wear masks while moving around, but can remove them at their tables.

Groups of a maximum of 10 people are still only allowed with 2 metre seperations.

The 100km travel limit will also be lifted on the motorways until you arrive at orange and red zones.

Mr Philippe said: “This freedom implies constraints…We will continue to limit the forms of social life that are the most conducive to the transmission of the virus: contact sports, nightclubs, large groupings of people.

“The rate of spread of the virus is at this stage ‘under control’. This means that we are where we hoped to be at the end of May and even a little better than we had hoped to be. This is good news. Things are looking good, but not good enough to return everything back to normal.”

He added: “Today all the indicators [for virus transmission] are green except in two departments: Val d’Oise and Mayotte [but] this does not mean that the virus is no longer circulating.

“We need to remain very vigilant. Freedom will, finally, be the rule, and restriction the exception.”

Local authorities can choose whether to make mask-wearing mandatory also.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has also cautioned against moving around too much. He said: “The less we move around, the less we spread the virus.

“I call on the public to show the same kind of responsibility as they have been showing throughout the crisis.”

Border restrictions in France are set to be lifted from June 15th.

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