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Pathway to reopening UK’s performing arts venues ousted as ‘MEANINGLESS’

Presented as a ‘roadmap’ to helping venues to reopen, devastation blocked the way due to the pandemic…

When uncovered by the culture secretary on Thursday, the strategy as deemed as ‘woeful’ by theatre unions. They argued that his strategy lacks investment, detailed timeframes and business model reimaging.

The initial two phases of the ‘roadmap’ are already allowed, which include socially-distanced rehearsals and training as well as distanced performances for broadcasting purposes

The following steps would include indoor and outdoor performances with reduced, socially distanced audiences, eventually leading up to bigger audiences.

The idea is said to be a step in the right direction, but without a real timescale for when audiences will be allowed to attend, theatres cannot properly plan, meaning organising finances would be a difficult task. Theatres are already going into administration, leaving workers redundant.

When disclosing the plan, the culture secretary announced, “I know the public wants its theatres open, our brilliant performers want to go back to work, and we will do all we can to get them fully back up and running.”

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