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Russia offered bounty to kill UK and US soldiers

Russian military has been accused of offering money to Taliban-linked gunmen to kill British and US soldiers in Afghanistan.

According to US reports, the same unit who were behind the attempted murder in Salisbury of the former agent Sergei Skripal, to pay fighters to kill both British and American soldiers. British prosecutors have charged two of its agents with the attempted murders of Skripal, as well as his daughter, in Salisbury in 2018.

The UK ceased combat operations in Afghanistan in 2014 but still has 1,000 troops in the country, working with Afghan forces and providing force protection for Nato.

This is adding pressure to the UK to take strong actions against the Kremlin, whilst the government delays publishing a crucial report on Russia’s attempts to destabalise the UK.

A report by the New York Times said that there has been a sizeable escalation from Moscow to undermine the White House as well as its allies. The alleged escalation by Russia first emerged in March, but the US has not yet responded, although sanctions were reportedly under consideration. The UK received the information last week

Russia, as well as the Taliban have denied the allegations

Britain’s ex-ambassador to Russia, said that the allegations were “perfectly plausible”. There are suspicions that Boris Johnson may have been reluctant to publish an Intelligence and Security Committee report on Russia, for fear of upsetting Trump.

Trump is hoping that a peace deal with the Taliban will end the Afghanistan war, but the president’s noncompliance to confront Putin has incited concern in diplomatic circles.

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