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Spain rebels against macro pig-farms

Platform charges against the installation of fourteen pig farms in Boedo-Ojeda, Spain.

The proliferation of industrial projects to install pig macro-farms in the provinces of Palencia and Burgos has put numerous municipalities on the warpath, who see this type of industrial project as a danger to water, land, life and the future in the rural environment.

“As all this industry goes forward, we are going to be left without a place to live,” warns Pedro Gutiérrez, spokesman for the Pisoraca and Comarcas Vivas Platform, created to paralyze a ‘megaproject’ made up of 14 pig farms located within a radius of 18 kilometres in the Palencia region of Boedo and La Ojeda, with more than 88,000 pigs. “Forty times more than inhabitants”, adds Gutiérrez.

Fourteen macro-farms that have been presented as a single project promoted by the company ‘Decamed Trading SL’, which sell it as a source of development for the region, to fix and increase the population. “This type of livestock farms are a step backwards in the fight for repopulation and the demographic challenge, ” warns Rafael Garrachón, representative of the Coordinadora de la España Vaciada, who assures Efe that “it is proven” that in places where they have implemented this type of project “everything has got worse”.

For this reason, Garrachón was one of the promoters of the Valdavia Viva platform that has managed to stop the installation of a macro-farm in Castrillo de Villavega and avoid “a problem” that he himself has put on the agenda of the Spanish operating group. That is also why last March, 32 Palencia and Burgos population centres, directly or indirectly affected by these industries expressed, through motions, their opposition to “the network of macro-farms” that they want to install in the valleys of Boedo, Ojeda, Odra and Pisuerga.

All the reports handled by these platforms affect the negative aspects of these facilities. For this reason, they ask the Junta de Castilla y León to deny the requested environmental authorizations. There are eight projects in the process of public information and another six that have been presented in the municipalities but have not yet been published in the Bocyl.

And, of course, they reject the decree-law simplifying administrative and environmental procedures that the Board has carried out this week because “it will reduce the environmental guarantees of these projects.”

In addition, there are other projects. In Meneses de Campos, another project is being processed against which even threatens to be taken to the courts, and which would also be located within a Natura 2000 Network Area where there are important reproductive populations of steppe birds. This same week, the mayor, Alberto Blanco, questioned for being the cousin of the PP president, Pablo Casado, withdrew his support for the project due to social pressure, although he could get ahead if he complies with the regulations.

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