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The best towns in Spain to live in, if you have been asked to work remotely

The state of alarm has ended, but now the ‘new normal’ has arrived.

This new way of life brings some new things, like wearing a mask everywhere and taking care of telecommuting whenever possible. Teleworking has some advantages that you can take advantage of, the biggest being being able to live where you want instead of being tied to a big city. Therefore, many people are considering going to one of the many towns in Spain, with the aim of saving and improving the quality of life.
Spain looks to Europe to regulate teleworking

The problem is that there are millions of towns in Spain, so it is difficult to choose the best one to telework from. Here are ten considered best for this task, looking for variables such as a low rental price, good communications and access to heavenly places such as beaches, mountains or natural parks.

Agua Amarga, one of the best towns in Spain to telework
When we know we are able to telework, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach. Can you imagine being on the beach several months a year instead of the usual 15 days? Well, in Agua Amarga that is possible. It is a town in Almería, located in Cabo de Gata and belonging to the municipality of Níjar. It is one of the places with the highest quality of life, with a simply spectacular beach, and not too expensive.

For many people, Asturias is the greatest natural paradise that exists. Its towns, like Cangas de Onís, are historical. Here the reconquest began, hence its Victory Cross. If you like the landscapes of Asturias and have telework, living here will be a great idea. Asturias is quite economical due to the situation in its labor market, something that you can take advantage of if your work is remote . Cheap rent, good landscape and good quality of life, what more could you ask for?

From Asturias we go to Cantabria, a place that is usually well-liked for its good beaches and a slightly warmer climate than that of Asturias. One of the best-known towns in Cantabria is Comillas, a place full of monuments and beaches. Although it is a tourist town, living here all year and working remotely can be a good idea. Technology for this is not lacking, moreover, it was the first town in Spain that had access to electricity.

Another of the ideal towns in Spain for teleworking is Denia. It is a town in Alicante with approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The biggest attraction of this area is that it is cheaper than others that have a beach, as well as having a great climate. It is one of those places you will be able to enjoy all year round, bathing on its beaches even in winter, due to its good weather. In addition, it has tourist places to visit such as Mount Kaón, and great gastronomy.

Guardo is located near the Montaña Palentina, where you can enjoy good views of the famous Ruta de los Pantanos. Guardo is a very cheap town to live in, with all the right ingredients for teleworking. It has a good fibre optic internet connection, has most basic services and is relatively close to Santander’s beaches.

There are people who would like to live all year round on the Costa del Sol, with the beaches and good weather most of the months of the year. One of the towns to see is Nerja, which will allow you to have an enviable quality of life. Although the area is not as cheap as others on the list, it is still cheaper than living in Madrid or Barcelona. The highlight is its 14 kilometers of coastline, with cliffs and also mountains around it, in case you like the mountain more than the beach.

Peñíscola is a town in Castellón, famous for its great tourism in summer and for combining beach and natural parks. Although it is generally the typical resort town due to unemployment in the area, it can be a permanent place if you work from home. Peñíscola is cheap, like most places in Castellón. For the price you pay for a studio in Madrid, here you have a house with a pool and all the comforts. In addition, it is one of these places where you eat very well.

Ronda is a town in Malaga known for its particular geography. It is in the middle of a plateau and surrounded by great mountains. Of course, few people know its potential as one of the best towns in Spain to telework. Ronda has one of the best views and landscapes seen, especially those of the Ronda mountains. In addition, reviewing the prices of the rentals, they appear to be really cheap, something that may be due to unemployment in that area (but since you telecommute, that does not matter to you).

Some people like the southern coast, but others are more to the north. A good place is Val de San Vicente, a town belonging to the municipality of San Vicente de la Barquera (the town of Bustamante), in Cantabria. It is a cheap place, well connected and with a great combination of beach and mountains . If you like sports, it is your ideal place to telework, as it is ideal for sports such as surfing or rafting, among others.

The last of the ideal towns in Spain for teleworking is Villajoyosa. It is another town in the province of Alicante, which is ideal for working remotely due to its low price and good quality of life. The town also offers beach time all year round, something that will delight bathing lovers. In addition, it is a beautiful town, with a historic center with walls of the Renaissance, paradisiacal beaches and cultural museums of all kinds.

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