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The Junta de Andalucia in Spain will approve ‘Plan Aire’ on Tuesday, equipped with 165 million to create some 19,000 jobs

The contracts created through this new plan, which will be developed in collaboration with the municipalities, will last between six to eight months

The Council of the Andalusian Government (the Junta de Andalucia), will approve at a meeting on Tuesday, June 16, a plan for the activation, promotion and recovery of employment in the community, the AIRE Plan , which will have economic funding of 165 million euros for the creation of some 19,000 jobs, in collaboration with the municipalities.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Board, Juanma Moreno, during a conference of autonomous presidents called by Pedro Sánchez, who has announced that this will be the last meeting held, as on June 21, the State of Alarm will be lifted. Moreno appears convinced that the AIRE Plan will be “air and oxygen” to many Andalusians who are having a hard time due to the consequences that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the economy and employment. 

Projects will range from the maintenance of public areas, to social care, through minor works and basic public services. 

The president has also indicated that he has wanted to put the magnifying glass over areas with the highest risk of depopulation in Andalusia, to help these people restart and survive. Specifically, to all those with less than 3,000 inhabitants and also in the so-called Integrated Territorial Investment Zones, the ITI, Cádiz and Jaén. “In short, 165 million euros that will provide employment opportunities for our unemployed and for our municipalities,” he stressed.

Juanma Moreno has ensured that this new measure, together with that of the 3,000 beach assistants hired to reinforce health and safety in all the coastal municipalities, demonstrate that Andalusia is fulfilling its commitments and implementing employment plans- some, promoted directly by the board, and others, hand in hand with the municipalities, seeking maximum effectiveness, wagering on the recovery of employment and the relaunch of economic activity.

The President has also highlighted the commitment of his government to relaunch public works. Without a doubt, this generates employment and wealth, and allows many companies to have a workload. He has indicated that both the reprogramming of the Junta’s own resources and the European funds will allocate items for public work, and has indicated that his Government is not closed to public-private collaboration that is carried out in our surrounding countries.

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