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The King and Queen of Spain feel the heat in Sevilla, in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Spain

Felipe VI and Doña Letizia of Spain met with the administrations and entities of the Polígono Sur, to learn about the work to combat exclusion and marginality.

The Monarchs of Spain began their tour of Andalusia on Monday, on the route they have designed throughout the country after the state of alarm, due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. His Majesty Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have chosen one of the most sensitive and symbolic points for the start of the week, the poorest neighbourhoods in the entire national territory, the Polígono Sur, to which they have thus shown their full support in such a difficult time.

There, several hundred people received the monarchs, showing their satisfaction at the fact that the neighbourhood and its problems do not fall into oblivion, that Their Majesties have been interested in contacting the main people responsible for the civic platforms and educational centres.

The tour of this depressed area of ​​the Andalusian capital has included, in addition to extremely intense heat, the visit to the El Esqueleto civic centre, one of the engines for the revitalization of this entire sector of southern Seville. Felipe VI and Doña Letizia have been accompanied by the Government delegate, Sandra García, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero from Seville, the President of the Andalusian Government, Juan Manuel Moreno, the President of the Andalusian Parliament, Marta Bosquet, and the mayor, Juan Espadas, as the most outstanding authorities, together with the commissioner for the South Industrial Estate, Jaime Breton.

At the timely arrival of the Monarchs, applause and some ‘Viva España’ was heard from the public was located.

The Kings spoke with three entities that work with the population of the neighbourhood, especially with the neediest, that of the ‘Tres Mil Viviendas’.
One was Entre Amigos, which works on educational issues. The other, the Alalá Foundation, which has explained to the monarchs the work of food dispensing that has been carried out. And thirdly, Athena, who is dedicated to working to prevent and treat addictions and has also exposed to Don Felipe and Doña Letizia the details of their hard day-to-day.

In addition, they were present at this meeting with entities from the Fraternitas neighbourhood, an entity of the Council of Brotherhoods that works specifically in the Polígono Sur, Red Cross and Caritas. At the end of that first meeting, the Monarchs of Spain have visited the Don Bosco Foundation to find out the details of the social work that is carried out in this entity linked to the Church.

There were mixed feelings of gratitude, with that of disbelief caused by years of satiety without the marginal situation of this zone being overcome. Not to mention an indisputable discomfort for the cleaning and sanitation of the streets that the City Council carried out last minute to improve the appearance of the neighbourhood. The platform ‘Nosotros También Sómos Sevilla’, for example, stood by the doors of the centres to demand solutions for the constant power cuts as a result of clandestine marijuana plantations in the area’s flats.

Other neighbours have been happy about the royal visit, although with a significant degree of irony. “Let’s hope that the Monarchy come here more because we hadn’t seen the neighbourhood so clean and with so much Police, with this feeling of security. Let them come every month please,” a neighbour at the gates of El Esqueleto shouted!

Other neighbours have also proclaimed the need for “more work for the people of the neighbourhood”, criticizing that the administrations “dedicate themselves to charity and not for people to get ahead with their own means”. “Hopefully the King’s visit will serve to listen to the Polígono Sur and stop talking about topics or crime. There are many people here who want to work and who are honest, but nobody ever gives the neighbourhood a chance.

Charity is done, but everything stays there, “stressed a neighbour at the gates of the Don Bosco Foundation, before whom nurses and warders of the health centre located in front of the door of this institution have also posted to contemplate the arrival of the Kings and greet with applause.

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