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Vicente, the Murcian ‘Mr Spain’ who stabbed his father to death in the centre of Madrid

The death that the ‘Policia Nacional’ are investigating occurred last Saturday. The detainee is 25 years old and is a native of Lorquí.

Vicente Hernández Rodríguez’s eyes lit up speaking in an interview, about the support his father, his mother and sister gave him when they sent him to Cordoba to participate in the contest where he was named Mr Spain Pacific World 2017.

“What is sticking with me the most, apart from my friendships with the coaches from other autonomous communities, is the support of my family and the people who really love me… ” The interview conducted by Mapeka Telecom, a producer from Archena, can still be viewed on YouTube and shows a friendly and humble twenty-something lad. Nothing foreshadowed that three years later, the young man who was preparing his opposition for the National Police Force would end up committing a homicide.

“When they name you, it is a moment when you are in shock, it is very beautiful because it is a mass of sensations, feelings, joy, I listened to my sister, I listened to my father, I listened to my mother…” as Vicente detailed what it felt like to be elected the most handsome man in Spain. All this during an interview wherein just nine minutes he thanked up to three times the warmth he received from his relatives during the contest held in Córdoba, “You see people so prepared, with so many boards, with much more experience than you, they were with their representatives, and I arrived, as they say, with the Mercadona bag, with my mother, with my father and sister ”.

He always held on to the unconditional support from his loved ones, until last weekend when he allegedly perpetrated homicide. The head of the family lost his life at the hands of his son in the Madrid building where the boy lived.

Vicente won this title thanks to his charming smile and gaze,  a beauty that he inherited in part from his father- a man very loved among the ‘ilorcitanos’ and who in the municipality was affectionately known as Vicente ‘El Picolo ‘for his work as an electrician.

Vicente, alias ‘El Picolo’, allegedly died at the hands of his son.

The title he obtained in Córdoba gave the 22-year-old (at the time) the opportunity to make his way in the world of fashion after participating in photoshoots of an Alicante modelling agency, and unsuccessfully appearing at the casting of one of the Big Brother editions (number 6035).

Vicente left blood, sweat and tears in a gym in Molina de Segura, sculpting his body under the orders of a personal trainer, and he also improved his training in areas such as protocol by taking classes from an expert in the field. Every effort seemed small to achieve the Pacific World 2017 contest that was going to be held in Peru on May 27. He was eager to cross the pond and his parents turned over with their son’s dream.

Last weekend, according to the first data from the investigation, the father of the model had travelled to the capital of Spain to see his son (where Vicente now lives). It seems that they had not seen each other during the state of alarm caused by the coronavirus and that the purpose of the trip was to help him find a flat.

That visit last Saturday, June 20, to the Gaztambide street building, ended in a heated discussion between the head of the family and his offspring that ended up stained with blood. This has been confirmed to El Español from the Superior Police Headquarters in Madrid: “On the 20th, at 22:40, a family quarrel ensues in which the son injures his father in the neck and dies moments later”.

A neighbour witnessed the fight and alerted 112 that a violent family argument was taking place. When the health personnel arrived at the Gaztambide street apartment, the head of the family had several injuries to the body caused by a knife.

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