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World News Bites: Spain – Madrid to subsidise scooters, bikes, mopeds and e-motorcycles

Spain – Madrid to subsidise scooters, bikes, mopeds and e-motorcycles

The community of Madrid will give their residents half the purchase price for scooters, bicycles, mopeds and electric bicycles. However, the grant limit will stay at 150 euros for scooters, 500 euros for bikes, 600 euros for mopeds and 750 euros for motorcycles said the Minister for the Environment and Sustainability of Madrid. This comes as an encouragement to buy electric vehicles.

Spain: Porn actor held after man dies at his home

A Spanish porn actor, Nacho Vidal, is being investigated by the police for manslaughter after a photographer died at his home last July. The deceased allegedly died after a toad venom ritual, where he inhaled toxins from the Colorado River toad, an endangered species. Vidal, however, considers himself innocent and has said that the death was an “unfortunate incident”.

COVID-19 status of Spain, France and Germany

Germany has 184,492 cases, 167,800 recoveries and 8,701 deaths. Their government unveils a 130 billion euro stimulus package for the economic recovery. France has 151,677 cases, 69,455 recoveries and 29,021 deaths. The country may extend state of emergency until October. Spain has 287,406 cases, 150,376 recoveries and 27,128 deaths. Masks and social distancing will be compulsory even after the state of emergency ends.

Germany: Germany – Lufthansa removed from DAX index

Lufthansa Airlines has lost it’s place in the German stock market index, the DAX, after pandemic related travel restrictions sent the company’s stock prices plummeting. Lufthansa was in the stock market index for 32 years. This comes while a 9 billion government aid package has just been approved at the end of May. Taking Lufthansa’s place in the 30 DAX listed companies is the Berlin real estate giant Deutsche Wohnen.

Germany – Berlin becomes first state to pass anti-discriminatory law

Berlin has passed a law which prohibits public authorities, police and public schools from discriminating based on background, skin colour, gender, religion, physical or mental disability, age and sexual identity. This also includes discrimination against lack of German language skills, a chronic illness, or on their income, education or occupation.

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