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Britain to finally see the ‘Russia Report’- a UK threat

Almost a year and a half after its completion, the report should today be published by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee.

The British public are finally going to see the details of the “Russia report”, an outline of the risk Russia poses to the UK and what has been done to hinder it. It is based on information form UK spy agencies and contributions from independent experts.

The Kremlin said that allegations made about Russian interference in last year’s election are false. 

It is expected to explore the levels of Russian spying, cyber-espionage, and subversion against allies, with a willingness to pursue enemies abroad.

America’s 2016 presidential election was affected by Moscow spy agencies, which then sparked queries about the UK- the 2014 Scottish independence referendum and the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The government has also questioned in the last week, whether Russian actors interfered with the 2019 general election

Unfortunately, a whole array of people have become wealthy from Russian money in the UK, creating a failure to confront the Russian activity.

Should the report pay substantial attention to political donations from Russia, it could prove controversial.

Russia offered bounty to kill UK and US soldiers

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