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Cheap rent and employment on an island in Scotland

The Island of Rum, a nature paradise, has around 30-40 inhabitants. They are building houses to attract new residents.

You have probably never heard of Rum, one of the small islands of the Inner Hebrides, belonging to Scotland. On its 104.6 square kilometre territory, Rum offers a perfect place for a life of tranquillity, an encounter with wildlife, with magnificent mountains to explore, and Kinloch Castle.

Without a doubt, a destination to go to at least once, and which now offers the possibility of living there. Currently, 30 people live on this island, which can be reached by train, helicopter or ferry. The community is respectful to nature, and seeks to grow in numbers.

“We are looking for dynamic individuals or families willing to fit into the island’s lifestyle and to help improve this young community,” they explain on the island’s community website, through which the request can be sent.

The community notes that two of the biggest fears that keep foreigners from moving to Rum are not being able to find a home or a job. Aware of this situation, the community is building four ‘eco-friendly’ houses for future residents.

The construction of the houses will be completed in two months and the possibility of applying to live in one of them ends this Friday. The rent is €497 per month.

Furthermore, the community has announced several job offers on the island, from fish farming, to childcare, to jobs in the tourism field.

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