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Controversy on social networks after the election of Mister Spain 2020

The photograph showing the man who has been chosen as the most attractive man in Spain, has been the cause of many jokes on social networks.

The Extremaduran who has just become Mister Spain 2020, has had to test out what fame really means on social networks,

It is true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but if there is something that characterizes Twitter, it is that part of its magic lies in gossip and joking comments (from the darkest to the friendliest) in the purest playground style. Let’s be honest, the choice of ‘Mister International Spain 2020‘ was not going to be without criticism.

A photo with bad lighting, an outfit in true Hollywood style (1920s), and a questionable hairstyle have been more than enough to encourage criticism from people who considered that there were other candidates more worthy of representing the national heart-throb position.

However, Manuel’s defenders did not take long to come to the fore to demonstrate with graphic evidence that Romo could well have served as a model for any sculpture!

Better photos of Romo. Credit: Facebook

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