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COVID encourages Millennials in the UK to go Vegan!

25 per cent of Brits between the ages of 21 to 30 are now adopting veganism. The pandemic has supposedly pushed these young people to find plant-based foods more appealing.

The pandemic is said to have had a massive impact on the meat industry, and consumption is expected to decrease to the lowest it’s been in nearly a decade.

Of course, this is not just due to veganism. It also has to do with COVID 19-related market disturbances- reduced operations numbers, reduced travel and distribution, the closing of restaurants…

With meat sales down, plant-based meat sales have been rocketing. However, the growing trend for plant-based foods was on the rise even before the outbreak.

According to a Mintel study released earlier in the year, UK sales of meatless foods are expected to exceed £1.1 billion. Plant-based meat sales have increased by 40 per cent between 2014 and 2019, reaching an estimated £816 million in total sales. Mintel reports that 39 per cent of Brits are now consciously reducing their meat intake.

The change to veganism, or at least limiting meat or dairy intake, is attributed to concerns over health, animal welfare and environmental worries.

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