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Google to deploy a new submarine cable between the US, UK and Spain

It will be the fourth project of this nature designed to improve network connections, and is the first investment by the internet giant in an underwater route to Spain.

Grace Hopper was an American scientist. The first programmer to use ‘Mark I’, the first electromechanical computer. She developed the first compiler for a programming language, which was central to the development of Cobol, a language that is still in use.

Its name has served to baptize the new submarine cable that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is going to build between the US, the UK and Spain. The first to arrive in Spain.

The project, which will connect with the US and the UK, will be ready in 2022. It will provide greater support to the network of business and consumer products of American technology. This super cable will join other private submarine “tentacles”, Curie, Dunant and Equiano, which have been deployed in recent years to connect remote continents across the ocean floor.

It promises to increase the capacity of services in the “cloud”, as well as to improve the connections of services such as Meet (video calls) or Gmail.

Once operational, it will be “one of the first new cables” to connect the US and the UK since 2003. The technology company has not disclosed the amount of the investment. With this, the company predicts that the digital transformation of Spanish companies will be accelerated.

The vice president of Google Global Network estimated that 98 per cent of international Internet traffic circulates through submarine cables that are committed to fibre optics.

The landing in Spain will integrate the next Google Cloud region in Madrid in the company’s infrastructure in a “closer way”. It will unite Shirley (New York), Bude (UK) and Bilbao. It will be equipped with 16 pairs of fibres, which is a significant upgrade of the internet infrastructure that currently connects the US and Europe.

Facebook and Microsoft worked together on the development of a submarine cable called Marea that began operating in 2017. It was the first cable to connect the United States with southern Europe, specifically the cities of Virginia (USA) and Bilbao (Spain).

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