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Huawei to be out of the UK by 2024?

Despite the government’s plans to limit Huawei’s role in the UK’s 5G infrastructure, there are a group of MPs who are still unhappy with the company having any involvement.

The government is getting ready to change its policy on Huawei, after an official report said a ban on the firm’s use of US chips made it harder for the UK to analyze the Chinese company’s equipment.

UK Spin: Boris Johnson Will Phase Out Use Of Huawei’s 5G Network.

Rebel MPs had implied that Huawei’s equipment should be taken away within months, but companies have advised that it should be done over a number of years in order to avoid high costs and service blackouts. Huawei’s equipment has been used in the UK for the last fifteen years, and so it would be a complicated process.

Banning 5G and removing Huawei is said to be doable, but even a 5 year schedule is said to be a tight one which may be costly and come with risks. Compromise appears to have been made available, but there is still uncertainty on how this will be received in Beijing.

Huawei is a hugely important company globally at the moment, facing an economic cold war between China and the US. Compromise may be found, but the UK will need to keep on Huawei’s good side, as there are still big decisions to be made. Huawei hold key parts in other UK projects, such as holding large shares in the construction of nuclear reactors.

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