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Inserta Andalucia reward the 20 Andalusian companies most socially committed to youth at risk

Inserta Andalucia has recognized some twenty Andalusian companies for being the most socially committed in the Community with youth at risk.

The recognition was given at an event held in Granada that brought together nearly a hundred attendees and served to underline the importance of corporate volunteering as an initiative to promote the motivation of young people living at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

The meeting, which  had the support of the Department of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation of the Andalusian Government, has claimed one of the most recognized programs of Inserta Andalucia, its Artesa corporate volunteer programme, based on social mentoring.

Thanks to this project, nearly a thousand young people in Andalusia have known the day-to-day of Andalusian companies so far this year, as well as the profiles required for various sectors and the access routes to a job.

The company is a key agent to change the lives of hundreds of Andalusian youth. In Andalucia, 37.7 per cent of people are at risk of poverty and social exclusion according to the Arope rate.

Thousands of people who on a daily basis face the search for employment and training to get out of the poverty in which they live; For Inserta Andalucía, young people who come from an environment where poverty has become chronic are crucial.

With the aim of accompanying them, the entity offers them complementary training, job orientation and socio-labour insertion; All this is only possible thanks to the commitment of companies with activity in Andalusia.

The awarded companies have been Covirán, Coca Cola, La Cueva de 1900, Cash Zurita, Sinergia Sostenible, Rubio Expocash, Jaén 24H, La Artesana de la Pasta, Resilent Tatto, Latin Food, Torcal Formacion and Viajes Luna.

Inserta Andalucia is a social entity that has been working for children and youth at risk for nearly 15 years. Among the programs that it develops throughout the Community are those aimed at corporate volunteering, orientation and social and labour insertion, as well as resources for young ex-guardians and day centres where children at risk of poverty and social exclusion are cared for.

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