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Judge releases sealed documents related to Ghislaine Maxwell case

Charged earlier this month on several counts- sex trafficking of minors and perjury- Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded not guilty.

However, a federal judge has now unsealed a huge number of transcripts, documents, emails, etc. related to a defamation suit against Maxwell, accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein in running a sex trafficking operation.

Within the documents, was the draft of a memoir that accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre was writing about her encounters within the sex-trafficking ring.

Giuffre claimed that in 1999, Maxwell had recruited her to give Epstein a massage, and that this developed into years of sexual abuse, which also involved friends of Epstein.

The documents also included an email exchange in which Epstein affirmed his innocence and also seemed to provide Maxwell with a statement for the media or a set of talking points that she may use in defending herself against allegations.

He also urged her to, “Go outside, head high, not as a (escaping) convict. Go to parties. Deal with it.”

After Maxwell’s lawyer made a last-minute appeal to keep the documents from going public, A US District judge ordered the documents to be unsealed last week.

The judge ordered “many” of the case’s documents to be released last week, but she gave Maxwell’s lawyer one week to file an emergency appeal with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

The defamation case spawned over 1,200 court docket entries, much of which was never exposed. The case’s docket report described more than 50 records as sealed documents.

Giuffre’s case against Maxwell which began in 2015, was settled in 2017, but Giuffre insisted at the time that many records should be made public. Initially, she was kept anonymous, but she later decided to speak publicly, in the hope of helping others who had been abused.

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in a federal jail in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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