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Prosecutors have said that Ghislaine Maxwell tried to abscond during arrest, and had phone wrapped in foil

During her arrest, Ghislaine Maxwell ignored the orders of FBI agents, and prosecutors have urged the judge to deny her bail request.

Although she could be seen through a window, Ghislaine ignored agents at her front door, and moved to another room, closing the door behind her, when they came to detain her at her home. The prosecution has pointed out that her affluence and 3 passports could make fleeing an easy option for her.

Agents found a mobile phone wrapped in tin foil in her house when they searched it, yet another possible attempt to hide evidence. Ghislaine’s brother had also hired a security company with former British military members as employees to guard her New Hampshire property.

This news came out as Ghislaine’s lawyers asked the judge to release their client on a bond of $5 million. Despite being charged on 6 counts related to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes, her lawyers insist that she is not a flight risk.

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