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The slow farewell to the Mar Menor sea horse

The light of the seahorse in the Mar Menor has been fading in recent decades. So much so, that the divers of the Hippocampus association (due to the scientific name of the species) are already surprised when they find one at all.

But the data they have collected since 2007 in the lagoon has not yet been enough to include it in the Spanish Catalog of Threatened Species as vulnerable or endangered.

The conditions for a species to be added to this list is that its population has been reduced by at least 50 per cent in the last 10 years, something that the Hippocampus organization is clear that is met.

If we look back a little, we find that efforts to save the species come from afar, but have been clearly insufficient. In 2016 an episode of rain made us think that it was the last straw for the seahorse.

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment then agreed with Hippocampus on the ‘Naturally, Mar Menor ‘ campaign to promote measures to restore the health of the lagoon.

Early last year, it seemed that its waters once again boasted a seahorse population. But the Dana or cold drop that caused serious floods in Murcia in September and again in October exhausted all hope. Divers found it difficult to find a male throughout the Mar Menor.

After the confinement, they found one pregnant… bittersweet news, since they would have liked to report more.

Tattoo artists of Perla Negra Tattoo, from Molina de Segura, made a very original donation. The artists of the studio, tattooed designs of the sea horses and other sea animals to all the people who visited on July 10 for only €20, and every penny went to this solidarity purpose.

A total of €2,500 was raised, not only from those designs, but also from special donations that were registered. The money will go to study populations so that the species is declared endangered.

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