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The UK studies testing travellers from Spain

The British Government is studying the possibility of analyzing travellers forced to quarantine for coming from countries at risk of COVID-19.

The UK is contemplating testing travellers arriving, as is the case of Spain, in order to reduce the isolation period of the current 14 days.

Until the study is completed, the fourteen days of mandatory quarantine for travellers arriving from countries like Spain – excluded last weekend from the list of safe territories – will be maintained, and there will be no changes until it is shown that they can apply “safely”.

The minister also expressed his concern at indications of a second wave emerging, that appears to be moving across Europe, and insisted that action needs to be taken, which may include expanding the imposition of a lockdown.

On the other hand, the Government’s deputy medical adviser announced this Thursday that in England the period of isolation of people with symptoms of COVID-19 will change from the current seven days to ten days, to minimize the risk of contagion.

As of May 29, the cumulative death rate in England was 7.55 per cent higher than its average rate between 2015 and 2019, higher than any other European territory of the 23 for which data is available, which indicates the impact of the coronavirus.

According to ONS data, Spain is next, with a mortality rate 6.65 per cent higher than in previous years, followed by Scotland, with 5.11 per cent more than its average, Belgium, with an additional mortality of 3.89 per cent, and Wales, with 2.78 per cent more. By June 12, cumulative mortality in England was 7.61 per cent higher than its average for the previous five years, ahead of 18 other countries, according to the ONS.

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