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Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership in Spain – Co-ownership termination

Properties in Spain can be jointly owned for a number of people. This co-ownership is known as “condominio” or “propiedad en condominio”. However, there are cases where one of the joint owners wishes to terminate the community/“condominio” by whether buying their portion (%) or selling their portion (%) to a co-owner. This is known as […]

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Does Moving Euro 2020 to 2021 Favour Any Country?

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed many lives while sweeping around the country, and lockdown has been enforced across the globe. This has caused a number of industries to shut down and included in this is the world of sport. We have seen huge events called off over summer months, including the Olympics which were scheduled […]

NHS Workers to get payout
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NHS and Care Workers families to receive £60,000 for the ultimate sacrifice of their loved ones

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary  declared his evening that families of brave NHS, care and front line workers that have lost their lives “In the line of Duty” will receive a £60,000 assurance policy. “Of course, nothing replaces the loss of a loved one but we want to do everything we can to […]

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Tech Talk: Help! My computer keeps crashing and runs so slow

Tech Talk Forum: As many of us spend more time online during lockdown, erratic computer problems are a nightmare to the tech un-savvy! Use this forum to post your questions on all things Tech and if admin cannot help you, then there is bound to be someone that knows how to fix your problem! Got […]

Spain's Consell - Valencia Region
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Spain’s Consell approves rent assistance of 650€ month for vulnerable families

Spain’s Consell in Generalitat Valenciana have announced aid of up to 650€ rent assistance for vulnerable families. 7,500,000€ has been allocated to help the most needy during the State of Alarm in the area. With reduced or no income, many families are struggling with rent payments, and this aid could be life changing. There is […]

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Torrevieja Supermarket gives Free Temperature test to customers

A Torrevieja Supermarket is testing customers temperature at the entrance. The Torrevieja store in La Mata has an employee in full PPE with an Electronic Infrared thermometer taking clients temperatures as they enter. Many residents in the area are elderly Spanish and ex pats. Many said they were grateful for the additional safety measures and […]

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Torrevieja Grocery Shop has bar inside and caught selling Viagra and Cocaine

Torrevieja criminal may get a stiff sentence for selling Viagra and Cocaine Torrevieja police arrested an 18 year old Domincan Republic woman for selling Cocaine and Viagra in a Bar inside her grocery store. When police investigated, customers inside were actually being served food at the time. On searching the premises, cocaine and viagra and […]

benidorm Face Masks
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Benidorm and other areas receiving free face masks

Benidorm News: Last week in the Marina Baixa area, 36,000 masks were distributed free to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Benidorm The Town Hall has already distributed some of the 20,000 that arrived from the Government. Local Police are handing out the masks on public transport and to Taxi Drivers.Toni Pérez, Mayor of Benidorm, […]

Benidorm town hall
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Benidorm City Council provide Rapid coronavirus testing to essential personnel.

Benidorm City council yesterday (Monday 20th April) began a rapid testing program for workers. Benidorm City Council is to provide upto 600 tests this week, overseen by the IMED Levante hospital.So now test results are available after just 30 minutes, with results emailed to the person tested. There are three projected phases to the operation: […]

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Benidorm on the Costa Blanca Spain, losing Millions of Euros a week

Based on last years tourism figures for Benidorm (2,158,000) an estimated €3,724,627 of tourism income is being lost every week. If you conservatively estimate €50 a day on food and drink, (Pretty low for Benidorm!). €30 per night on accommodation and €10 a day on souvenirs and shopping. That’s €90 a day per person. Not […]