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Activities for Half Term Holidays

YET ANOTHER week opens that is a ‘crunch week’ for the Brexit negotiations. Though there are much more serious demands on adults time.  Its half term this week in the UK so schools are closed and parents are running round entertaining their children. Visits to petting farms, theme parks and museums are very much on […]


No funeral for me, thanks

AFTER ASCERTAINING that I spoke English, a woman in charge of a pay-now-die-later stand in Benidorm asked: ‘can you spare a moment to discuss what plans, if any, you have for your funeral?’ ‘No,’ I snapped. ‘I’m running late for an appointment – and I am not planning on having a funeral. EVER!’ She looked […]


BOOK BURNING FEST: Are Amazon publishing Nazi texts?

IT is reported that ‘organisations fighting for racial justice’ accuse Amazon book publishers of being distributors for ‘supremacist, racist and Nazi products’. Experience and common sense tell us that these weasel words are racist as they are solely aimed at removing the rights of ethnic-Europeans. The intention of these shadowy groups is to remove all […]


PEARL OF THE BALTIC: The elderly are suffering in Riga

WHEN, in 2013, I predicted the collapse of the EUSSR (European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) there were chortles but they are not laughing now. Germany lurches from crisis to crisis under a rickety coalition regime. As an aside, post-war Germany is hindered by an illegal constitution imposed by the Allies in 1945. Germany’s armed […]