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Five years in prison for baby killer

Five years in prison for baby killer

A WOMAN has been sentenced to jail for killing her baby as she gave birth. The girl, who was 17 when she committed the crime,...
Eight years for murderer

Eight years for murderer

A 17-YEAR-OLD boy is facing years in prison for stabbing a man outside a nightclub. Prosecutors are asking a judge to place the boy in...
Malaga firefighters

Malaga firefighter strike still running…

A YEAR after first going on strike Malaga’s firemen have still not returned to work. The labour dispute over working conditions continues without any progress...
Eye Chart With Glasses

Ask the Optician – How to Protect Your Sight on Día de Santa Lucia

THE 13th of December is Día de Santa Lucia, the patron saint of the blind and the protector of sight. We are urging anyone...
Studio 32 enjoy a superb White Christmas

Studio 32 enjoy a superb White Christmas

AFTER months of preparation, STUDIO 32’s winter production of White Christmas premiered...and what a performance from this very talented company. From the moment the curtain...
Six top teas to aid weight loss

Six top teas to aid weight loss

Green Tea and Matcha These teas are known for increasing metabolism. A study published in the American Journal For Clinical Nutrition found that green tea...

Syndicate lottery ticket holders advised to make it official

AT THIS time of the year, many groups of people in clubs and societies or even a group of friends in bars club together...
A week and a bit to go

A week and a bit to go!

CHRISTMAS is nearly here, and for many of us there are still those ‘tricky to buy for’ friends and family.  You may not think...
driving tests back on

Driving tests back on in Malaga

DRIVING EXAMINERS are back at work after a six-month strike. Five examiners will now be on duty every day after being forced to perform minimum...
Truck hits vehicle on motorway hard shoulder

Truck hits vehicle on motorway hard shoulder

A MAN was seriously injured after being hit by a truck on the A-7 motorway in Crevillente. The impact caused the victim to fall down...
This week in Germany - Market bomb discovered

This week in Germany – Market bomb discovered

Market bomb discovered GERMAN police were searching for the sender of a package initially feared to contain a bomb found near a Christmas market in...
Rockets Golf Society - Altorreal

Rockets Golf Society – Altorreal

IT WAS a long trek down the Murcia motorway to this lovely golf course but well worth the journey.  Considering the time of the...
Fake worker scams €35,000 from elderly woman

Fake worker scams €35,000 from elderly woman

A MAN pretending to be from Endesa has swindled a 90-year-old woman in Malaga City. Police are now trying to find the alleged thief who...
Crash victims demand justice

Crash victims demand justice

A GROUP of people injured when a train derailed between Malaga and Seville are planning to sue the department responsible. A firm of lawyers are...