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Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership in Spain – Co-ownership termination

Properties in Spain can be jointly owned for a number of people. This co-ownership is known as “condominio” or “propiedad en condominio”. However, there are cases where one of the joint owners wishes to terminate the community/“condominio” by whether buying their portion (%) or selling their portion (%) to a co-owner. This is known as […]

Crook sells stolen NHS person protective equipment on Ebay worth £30,000
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Crook sells stolen NHS personal protective equipment on Ebay worth £30,000

The crooked driver who stole the vital equipment is jailed for more than two years, it has been confirmed. Gary Edwards, 40, from Rock Ferry, Wirral, stole the gear from his company, which supplies Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the  pharmaceutical and construction industry. Liverpool Crown Court heard yesterday that respirators, piles of hazmat suits […]

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Recovering Debts in Spain – Monitorio Procedure

We explain to you either how to claim a debt or credit in Spain or contest a claim against you through a process called MONITORIO. Recovering Debts: ADVANTAGES OF MONITORIO PROCESS: Quick system No limit to value of claim Low costs Ease of enforcement CHARACTERISTICS OF THE RECOVERABLE DEBT It must be in monetary form […]

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€60 million tax scammers caught after three years

OFFICERS from both Spanish National Police and the Tax Office have managed to close down the activities of a gang allegedly involved in tax avoidance and money laundering. A total of 58 people have been arrested in Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Germany and are believed to be responsible for a scam amounting to €60 million. […]

What does Cadastral stand for

Pellicer & Heredia – What does Cadastral stand for?

WHAT does Cadastral stand for? I have looked in Google translate and it doesn’t exist! The Cadastral reference relates to the physical measurements of a property. It concentrates on the following: exact location physical description boundaries valuation This description must be mirrored with the description found in the Escritura.   For more information contact us […]

Pellicer & Heredia
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Pellicer & Heredia – Making it possible

Ignacio Pellicer & Pedro Heredia, are partners of the Law Firm, Pellicer & Heredia. The whole project started in 2007 just before the credit crunch. Both of them came from different Law Firms specializing in International Law. What do you believe is your secret to success? We offer true, honest, and independent advice for international […]

Two lawyers with a growing practice
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Pellicer & Heredia – Two lawyers with a growing practice

JUST 10 years ago a pair of lawyers who had been working in International Law decided to set up their own company, Pellicer & Heredia. Since that start, just prior to the credit crunch, Ignacio Pellicer and Pedro Heredia have seen their empire grow so that having started in Alicante they now have the ability […]

Do I have to renounce British citizenship

Pellicer & Heredia: Do I have to renounce British citizenship?

Q: Do I have to renounce British citizenship to acquire Spanish nationality? A: Yes. Except for citizens of countries with which there is agreement of dual nationality (which is not the case of the UK), when you complete the process of acquiring Spanish nationality, one of the regulations that is a requirement, when you swear […]

A bilingual lawyer who understands expatriates and Spanish law
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A bilingual lawyer who understands expatriates and Spanish law

ANTONIO FLORES founded the Marbella based lawyers Lawbird 15 years ago and his practice works predominantly for English speaking clients. He was educated in the English system and is totally bilingual as are the majority of the company staff which includes a brother who is a partner in the firm and his sister who is […]