People are to blame for coronavirus, not bats expert says
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People are to blame for coronavirus, not bats expert says

The long-term damage to bat’s reputations are being damaged by ‘unproven theories’ a conservationist has said. Lisa Worledge, from the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT), said that there is now People are to blame for coronavirus, not bats expert says”misplaced fear” about the role of the creatures during the coronavirus pandemic because of “careless” untruths online. […]

Benidorm's Terra Natura
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Benidorm’s Terra Natura (Nature and Animal Park) on Costa Blanca announce birth of 4 Stork chicks

Benidorm’s Terra Natura have announced the birth of 4 baby Stork Chicks at the center. Last Friday 4 baby storks were born to resident Storks at Benidorm’s Terra Natura . The Storks have been there since 2006. The center currently has a total of 4 adult storks on site. Storks are unusual in that they […]

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Continuing to fight for animal rights in Spain

SUE and Rod Weeding moved to Spain from England in 2001, aiming to slip into an easy sunshine-and-relaxation retirement. But all that changed in 2008 with Luceiro, a two-year-old stallion they found locked in a filthy and dark stable, his left eye badly injured and rotting, hurling himself repeatedly against the bars of his stall […]

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Public alert for missing monkeys

THE search continues for three missing Japanese macaques. Just over a month ago, three sick animals escaped from a private enclosure in Guardamar del Segura, and despite the Local Police and the Guardia Civil setting traps for them and keeping an eye out, they’ve yet to be captured. According to a report in the Spanish […]

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Cutting holiday costs? Find free checked petsitters online

CUT out the cost of pet care by finding free petsitters. It is true! You can cut your holiday costs by eliminating the costs of petcare completely! Join a housesitting network like and you can meet suitable checked petsitters and housesitters securely online. If like many pet owners you find yourself completely shocked at […]