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China accuses Spain of being the origin of the coronavirus

Wang Guangfa is a medical specialist in respiratory diseases at the First Beijing University Hospital, as well as an adviser to the Chinese Government. This expert has made some statements collected by the Telegraph in which he accuses Spain of being the origin of the coronavirus pandemic . The expert referred to a recent analysis in which traces of coronavirus found in wastewater […]

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CINEWORLD will NOT be opening its door yet in UK or US

Cineworld will not yet be opening its cinemas in either the UK or the US until July 31, as they say there is a delay in new film releases. Cineworld is the world’s second-largest cinema chain, with 9,518 screens across 790 sites in 11 countries: the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Israel, Hungary, Czechia, Bulgaria and Slovakia (According […]

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Spain to allocate €10 million more to the global campaign against coronavirus

The objective is to guarantee food security in countries hit by the pandemic. Spain will allocate a new contribution of 10 million euros to the global response campaign against the Covid-19 pandemic, which will be channeled through a donation to the World Bank’s Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP), in order to guarantee food […]

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The COVID tracking app that Spain finds problematic

The privacy settings, data protection or maybe technology may be the causes that have led to Spain still not having a tracking app for those infected. While in other countries- not only Asians who are the pioneers in using this technology- but nearby countries such as Germany, France or Italy have been using this tracking for weeks, in Spain, the implementation has […]

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Today, SPAIN finally leaves the ‘State of Alarm’. Here is how the coronavirus unravelled…

In mid-December, health workers in Wuhan investigated patients with viral pneumonia.  Later they would discover that most of them had visited the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market, in Wuhan (China), where they trade in wild animals. On December 30, Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist based in Wuhan, alerts his acquaintances about a strange virus. He was […]

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Fantastic news for British travellers to Spain!

As of June 21, British travellers will be allowed to enter Spain, without necessity to quarantine. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, has announced today, June 20, that British citizens will be allowed to enter Spain without quarantine from June 21, as will citizens of EU member countries. “We are going to allow […]

Covid-19: 136,000 people test positive for the virus in just one day
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Covid-19: 136,000 people test positive for the virus in just one day

The World Health Organisation reports that there were 136,000 new cases of coronavirus in just one day on Sunday 7th June. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated this at a press briefing in Geneva early Monday saying that the biggest battle right now is ‘complacency’. He said the number of cases in most African […]

Excited Gamblers Crowd Into Casinos After 'City of Sin' Reopens
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Excited Gamblers Crowd Into Casinos After Las Vegas’s ‘Sin City’ Reopens

Las Vegas, Nevada – The gambling capital of the world finally reopens it’s dazzling doors to customers. The world reknowned ‘Sin City’ where the brightly lit strip is an iconic scene in films and for gamblers, has finally reopened after 3 months in lockdown. There are strict rules in place including social distancing and in […]

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Tanzania report on shunning face masks and pursuing herd immunity goes viral on social media

A recent report by RTN, “African country bans face masks – also reopen schools and shops”   has gone viral on social media platforms such as Facebook, with hundreds of thousands of views worldwide. South Africa, America, Australia, Canada and India and the Philippines were amongst the highest participants on the story. The story originally reported […]

ZERO coronavirus deaths in Spain yesterday for first time since pandemic starts
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Spain government release today’s coronavirus figures

The Health Ministry in Spain have released their daily figures for the Covid-19 virus. In the last 24 hours, 56 people have died from the virus. This is up by 10 people from 46 yesterday, however, it is the sixth consecutive day that the coronavirus fatalities have stayed under 100 in Spain. This pattern has […]

Covid-19: UK Public transport services tell people how to sit on trains
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Covid-19: UK Public transport services tell people how to sit on trains

UK public transport services such as Network Rail have issued instructions for commuters on how they should take trains. As the lockdown restrictions across the nation eased last week, public transport services have been told by authorities to lay on more services as people were told they can resume work. Extra police and security personnel […]

Police called as angry residents confront people flouting rules in Spain's Mallorca
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Police called as angry residents confront people flouting rules in Spain’s Mallorca

Mallorca residents became enraged as group of 25 people huddle together in a bar in Santa Catalina. The Guardia Civil had to be called after angry residents confronted party-goers at the bar enjoying drinks huddled together. Reports say that 25 people were drinking shoulder to shoulder and talking and acting like no crisis had ever […]

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News Bites: Global number of confirmed COVID-19 cases passes 4.5 million

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, at least 4,542,910 people are known to have been infected, and 307,696 people have died worldwide since the pandemic began. The figures are likely to represent a significant underestimate of the accurate scale of the pandemic as many of those with milder symptoms have not been tested and […]

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Breaking news – Costa del Sol and Granada officially now phase 1 of lockdown

Malaga and Granada are now into phase 1 of lockdown as of Monday, breaking three months of tight restrictions. The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa,  held a press conference earlier to break the news and to list which other provinces and cities join Spanish regions already in phase one. Valencia, as reported by RTN earlier, […]

British man dies of lung cancer after op postponed due to pandemic with fears many more to happen Photo Credit: Evening Express
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British man dies of lung cancer after op postponed due to pandemic with fears many more to happen

A father of four has died after his cancer surgery was postponed due to the pandemic and doctors have warned there could be a “surge” in new cancer cases in the coming months. Pete Sharp, 60, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January and was due to have surgery. However 24 hours before his operation, […]