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Jellyfish are stinging tourism on the Costa del Sol

OWNERS of beach-based attractions are counting their losses this summer after plagues of jellyfish disrupted business. As well as being an annoyance and risk to bathers wanting a swim, the swarms of jellyfish brought in with sea currents have been disastrous for businesses such as water parks, inflatable rides and paddle surf rentals. Although the […]

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Kept safe by the Red Cross of the Costa Blanca

WITH the start of September signalling the formal end of the traditional high summer season on the Costa Blanca and the exodus of Spanish tourists, figures have been released on the beach activities of the Spanish Red Cross. Across the Alicante Province, they have operated on 26 beaches with more than 100 people being deployed […]

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Council warning as jellyfish return in droves to the Costa del Sol

THE Manilva Council has issued a warning to bathers that there are large numbers of jellyfish back along the shores of Malaga Province. Action is currently being taken to trawl the waters off the coast of Manilva in order to keep the beaches and swimming areas as safe as possible. Anyone entering the water is […]

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Jellyfish invasion closes Costa Blanca beach

VISITORS to beaches up and down the Costa Blanca have been greeted by a larger than expected number of jellyfish for this time of the year. The plague of the poisonous Portuguese man-of-war species has reached the Alicante Province after being brought on the current from their usual breeding areas in Cadiz and Huelva. In […]

Summer visitors arrive out of season
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Jellyfish arrive out of season on Costa Blanca

IN the days leading up to and during Christmas, dozens of fluorescent jellyfish have appeared stranded on a number of Torrevieja beaches. Specimens of the ‘Pelagia noctiluca’ – a distinctive violet colour with a luminescent body – have been washed up. It’s a very common visitor in the Mediterranean Sea but is classed as one […]